Kiso - Ontake | Undiscovered Japan - 4K

Sometimes the stars align and projects come your way that combine an amazing location – somewhere you’ve wanted to visit for ages with a client that shares your vision and then when you get there the local people and culture lift the whole experience up to another level. Japan has been a long time dream destination for everyone on the LWimages film team, so when we got the chance to visit, following a film commission from the Kiso Tourism Office, we jumped at the chance.

Executive Producer - Takashi Yamada

Production Manager - Ulrika Larsson

Director of Photography - Lukasz Warzecha

Epic Trails TV show - Trailer

Epic Trails is a visually stunning and inspiring TV series that follows wilderness adventurer, Eric Hanson, on his journey to discover the world’s top trails. Each 30-minute episode follows Eric on his world travels, while taking viewers on breathtaking adventures, and telling the unique stories of the places and the people that Eric encounters along the way.

Executive Producer - Ken Whiting

Production Manager - Amy Luscombe

Director of Photography - Lukasz Warzecha

Master of His Craft | Professional Diver Craig Mainprize | SEIKO

LWimages Studio teamed up with Factory Media and Seiko, who make the Prospex PADI Special Edition Kinetic Dive Watch, to look at the challenges faced by divers, and why accurate timekeeping is essential in the most extreme underwater environments.

Client - Factory Media / Seiko

DP - John Fisher

Underwater Camera - Lukasz Warzecha

Producer - Sarah Rimassa

Success in the Mountains - Kenton Cool - PP’s Short

Kenton Cool is one of the world’s leading high-altitude climbers. He has successfully climbed Mount Everest twelve times. Kenton was first introduced to mountaineering when he read about Hillary and Norgay’s first ascent on Mount Everest in 1953.

Kenton is also one of the world’s most sought-after guides, his track record on Everest is the best of any leader. In 2007, Kenton successfully guided Sir Ranulph Fiennes up the North Face of the Eiger before leading him to a successful Everest summit in 2009.


A documentary about overcoming challenges that seem 'impossible'.

The film examines how we psychologically tackle apparently insurmountable challenges through the eyes of some of Britain’s most renowned adventurers and athletes. Karen Darke provides the backdrop to the film as she tackles an ironman challenge alongside Guiness record-breaking Spanish athlete Jose Manuel for his 90th ironman in a year. This is punctuated with interviews and insights about motivation and resilience to keep going towards far-reaching goals, with the World’s Greatest Living Explorer Ranulph Fiennes, multiple World Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington, founder of Climbers Against Cancer, John Ellison and renown Sport Psychiatrist Prof Steve Peters.

Neil Gresham’s Freakshow

A 4 minute insight into the art of hard work, patience and perseverance behind successful red point climbing, following British climber Neil Gresham as he battles to force his body and mind into shape to climb the hardest sports route of his life.

EpicTV - ‘Deep Water Solo - DWS’ series - TRAILER

Neil Gresham, one of the world's most dedicated deep water solo explorers takes you on a journey around the world to show why, after 30 years, DWS is still his favorite type of climbing. Featuring some of the the world's best crags, first ascents, scary first repeats, and a lot of swimming. Grab your dry bag and take a deep breath, we're going in search of the planet's best deepwater soloing.

Produced for EpicTV all 5 episodes are available online here -

EpicTV - ‘Wild Women’ series - TRAILER

Wild Women is a documentary following the lives and passions of eight incredible female athletes: Hannah Barnes, Ellen Brennan, Shauna Coxsey, Martina Cufar, Karen Darke, Faith Dickey, Caroline George, and Sarah Ridgway. From Paralympans to wingsuit pilots, mountain guides to future bouldering world champions, these eight ladies are pushing the boundaries of what's humanly possible.

Produced for EpicTV all 8 episodes are available online here -

EpicTV - ‘Sub-Zero’ series - TRAILER

The series explores the esoteric art of ice climbing and examines the souls of four of the sport's most respected artists - Will Gadd, Raphael Slawinski, John Freeman, and Gordon McArthur. On these athletes' doorsteps, the Rockies hold some of the best ice climbing routes in the world which promise to both push them to their limits and occasionally have them crossing ice axes with death.

Produced for EpicTV all 4 episodes are available online here -