We are a full-service integrated production company that will work with you to best tell your story and get it out there. Amongst our accolades LWimages work has been shortlisted for national sport awards and been chosen for world festival tours. We will work with you to best tell your story and get it out there.

Here's how.

It starts with an idea. From there, we'll work with you to develop the most effective way to tell your story.

We oversee all areas of production, including photography/cinematography, sound, talent, locations, and travel.

We'll bring your story to life in the post-production using high-end animation, music and colour design – all of which enhance great storytelling.

Your content needs to be seen. We'll build a launch strategy to ensure your project reaches viewers and gets the exposure it deserves.



Our open plan, almost 1200 square feet studio is very well equipped to accommodate a variety of projects, filming or stills.

It also serves as our main office and creative space + spacious gear storage. It's the main hub of all LWimages operations.

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