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Ian Parnell

Creative Director

One of Britain's leading mountaineers and an accomplished adventure cameraman Ian confesses to being in love with storytelling. ‘The most rewarding part of LWimages work’ he says ‘is being able to see the glimmer of an idea blossom into a fully realized compelling production.’

What is the best adventure you’ve had?

I’ve been very lucky as there are so many great adventures but if I had to narrow it down – it would be climbing a new route on Kedar Dome in India’s Gangotri region with Tim Emmett over 7 days and becoming a dad to two great girls – both experiences were a rollercoaster of all the best emotions.

What is your most rewarding work experience so far?

Filming Sir Ranulph Fiennes on the Eiger – I helped get him up the route, broadcast live for ITN News from Death Bivouac and helped him raise over a million pounds for Marie Curie Cancer Care Nurses. Plus I got to climb one of the world’s best routes.

You’ve been in a lot of extreme mountain environments – how do you manage to keep working in those conditions?

The key thing is experience, you can’t short cut it. You learn what works and what doesn’t – not just in terms of the camera equipment but in how to look after yourself i.e. keep calm, keep warm and keep safe. That also translates into how to look after and communicate with your subjects. Finally there is the motivation that if I can get the camera out in places or conditions where others can’t then I’m going to get a unique shot.

How important is your role as storyteller as part of what LWimages does?

I’d say it’s the most important, but as a writer I would say that! I think the way we work is a series of interlinked steps and getting the story or ideas right early on creates a solid foundation for Lukasz and others to build their visual magic on top.

Of all the places you’ve filmed in which one is your favourite?

The Northwest of Scotland on both a good and a ‘bad’ day. On a clear crisp winter’s day the light there is almost spookily amazing, and on days when it’s stormy if you can force yourself to keep on filming you can really capture the power of nature.

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