Jan Bella

Studio Assistant

What is the best adventure you've had?

There's many, a simple day cragging can be an adventure if you're there with the right person. But my biggest adventure has been three months travelling in Nepal. This was my first long trip away from home. I went from the lowlands on the border with India all the way to the foot of Mount Everest. From kayaking to paragliding, from hot humid summer to having a water bottle freezing inside sleeping bag. I met some amazing people along the way and discovered unbelievable culture with its rich history.

What is your most rewarding work experience so far?

Seeing a book with my photographs inside of it being published. I photographed runners across the Lake District for a trail running guidebook about two years ago and seeing the finished book was just amazing. I felt like we really discovered some hidden gems in the Lakes and this reminded me how much adventure you can have so close to home.

What are the keys to great image making?

It's a true connection with subject in front of me. I always try to learn something personal about people I'm going to photograph, especially if I'm travelling and I'm interacting with different cultures. I find that people are very open to sharing their stories and ready to open the door to their world. Once you start making friends and build trust, it all falls into place for me.

If you could film any adventure athlete anywhere in the world who would it be and where?

I have to say Kilian Jornet on the Isle of Skye. I absolutely love Skye's scenery and rugged landscape. To see the ease with which Kilian moves across the terrain is mind blowing. He has really connected multiple disciplines in a way which seemed to be impossible for a long time. His dedication and approach to his sport is something we can all learn from.