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Jimmy Hyland

Studio Assistant

Based in Buxton at 21 Jimmy is already an expert at exploring and filming deep underground in the area’s world class caves. Jimmy brings youth, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to LWimages.

What is the best adventure you’ve had?

The best adventure that I have had would be spending 5 weeks travelling around Europe to climb whilst living from a van. We had no fixed agenda but just travelled when either the weather turned bad or the skin on our fingers required a rest day. We climbed all over in places such as Fontainebleau, Chamonix and Magic wood, and came across all sorts of surprise climbing spots and met lots of interesting characters along the way.

What is your most rewarding work experience so far?

My most rewarding work experience so far would be during the filming of Impossible, listening to Karen Darke and Ranulph Fiennes discuss the motives that drive them forward to achieve the impossible when they really don’t think they have it in them was fascinating and very inspirational.

You’ve done a lot of caving and climbing what are the added challenges of using cameras in these environments?

The challenges involved with using cameras climbing is that the best angles and lighting are often from above, there are lots of logistics involved with ensuring that your in the right place, at the right time, with the right gear to get the shot. Caving however is a totally different ball game, a cave is such an unnatural place to take a camera because its often very wet, muddy and totally dark. This means that all light in an image needs to be added artificially. Pair this with the fact that your models and subjects will get very cold very fast if they aren’t moving and you get a situation where you often don’t have time to play around with lighting set ups and camera settings. Its a case of making usually two, if not more trips beforehand to work out the shot before returning to get the final image. It also takes a lot of time to figure out ways of getting cameras and equipment to the locations you want to shoot without flooding the gear or it getting too battered, darren drums, peli cases and dry bags are often the solution to this.

If you could film any adventure athlete anywhere in the world who would it be and where?

If I could film any adventure athlete anywhere in the world it would be the team of expedition cavers that go to Mulu national park in Borneo every year, to push leads and find new cave systems. The caves there are huge, and have virtually never been filmed before. It would be an opportunity to show the world the incredible views and formations that can be found underground in the national park, whilst at the same time telling the story of expedition caving and explaining what drives people to put so much into it.