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Lukasz Warzecha

Photographer / DP / Cameraman

'This is the most exciting time to be a photographer ever!' says Lukasz. It’s a belief that has seen Lukasz travelling and shooting on 5 continents in the last few years on assignments for the National Geographic, The North Face, WL GORE, Mountain Equipment, Petzl and Black Diamond (among others).

What is your most rewarding work experience so far?

I think having a successful photography career for the past six years must be the most rewarding thing in my professional life. When I started, I could never have imagined that I would be working with such a talented and dedicated team of people. I'm very grateful for everything.

This past 12 months you’ve filmed in the mountains, on horseback, mountain biking, diving and kayaking is there something left that you would like to film?

Climbing and mountaineering are genuinely the closest to my heart, but over the years I have enjoyed shooting a whole diversity of other outdoor activities. Diversity is good but my focus is on great stories and developing my outdoor skills while having a great time shooting. I think I have only scratched the surface.

LWimages has several bases. Where are they and why?

We have our studio in the Peak District, UK and that's our permanent office/creative space. Since my fiancée is Swedish I do spend parts of the year in Sweden, Bohuslän is so spectacular. Since we both love skiing it makes sense to spend winters in Chamonix, France. I travel on assignment about 200 days a year anyway.

What plans have you got for LWImages this year?

World expansion and domination!

We call it #OurAdventureOffice...